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30th September 2021 | Online

2021 Featured Speakers

Konstantin Lopukhin
Head of Data Science at Zyte
Konstantin Lopukin is the Head of Data Science team at Zyte, working on improving the quality of Automatic Extraction, which allows the extraction of products, articles, job postings and other data types from any website. He collaborates with the Data Science team, developing state of the art models and algorithms for web data extraction, improving datasets and methods of quality assessment. In the last two years, Konstantin and the team published two open evaluations of article and product extraction quality, comparing commercial services and open source solutions.
Mikhail Korobov
Head of Development at Zyte
Mikhail is a long-term Scrapy contributor and an open-source enthusiast. For the past 7 years, Mikhail has been developing smart web crawlers. He’s currently leading the development of the Zyte Automatic Extraction technology.
Suzanne Hasset
COO & Head of Delivery at Zyte
Suzanne Hassett is Chief Operations Officer and Head of Delivery at Zyte. She runs a 100+ team of developers looking after delivering data to customers.
Prior to Zyte, Suzanne held positions including Chief Operations Officer and Global Head of Delivery at Britebill (acquired by Amdocs 2016) and Professional Services Director at Norkom (acquired by BAE Systems in 2011).
Suzanne has 25+ year working in software businesses in Ireland and Internationally and holds a B. Sc from DCU and an MBA from UCD.
Attila Tóth
Developer Advocate at Timescale
Attila Tóth is a Software Developer passionate about making data useful. He likes to craft data pipelines and visualisations to gain insights from large amounts of data. Attila enjoys sharing his knowledge with fellow developers through tutorials, live coding streams and technical talks. 
You can reach him at attilatoth.dev.
Peng-Yu Chen
Reverse Engineer in Anti-ban team at Zyte
Peng-Yu Chen is a reverse engineer of the anti-ban team at Zyte. He works on analysing observed web crawl bans to understand the cause, and on carrying out improvements to the crawling mechanisms to bypass such bans. He also works on browser customisations specifically for the purposes of web crawling, so that better anti-ban performance may be achieved as a generic renderer.
Joshua Odmark
CTO at Pandio
Joshua is the CTO at Pandio and an expert in front-end and back-end software engineering with PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, Apache Pulsar, BookKeeper, Zookeeper, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Presto, and Redis. He is a full-stack engineer with tons of experience in dev ops, data science, distributed systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, leadership, project management, and product management.
Joshua is currently focusing on building a data-driven future of Pandio.
Theresia Tanzil
Solutions Architect Team Lead at Zyte
Theresia is the Solutions Architecture Team Lead at Zyte. Her mission is to help customers transform their business goals into technical requirements. She applies and builds upon her years of experience in software engineering and customer-facing roles to data acquisition projects and works closely with various internal and external teams to ensure proposed solutions are legally compliant, technically feasible, and commercially sound.
Jônatas Davi Paganini
Developer Advocate at Timescale
Jônatas is a Data nerd, cyclist, and blogger. He is a pair programming evangelist and his highlight experiences involve performance and architecture. Jônatas spent a few years writing automated strategies for financial markets, processing millions of events per day.
Tricia Higgins
Tricia Higgins
CEO at Fort Privacy
Tricia is CEO of Fort Privacy which she co-founded with Marie Murphy in 2017.
Fort Privacy uses a structured, multi-disciplinary approach to enabling compliant data processing activities by it’s clients. Tricia has extensive experience working with clients on their data protection compliance programs.
Tricia obtained a law degree from University College Cork in 1999 and qualified as a Barrister at Gray's Inn, London in 2006 while working in IBM in London. Tricia is focussed on the the governance, transparency, accountability and transfer management aspects of the GDPR including drafting and providing advice and guidance on Data Processing Agreements, Data Protection Statements, DPIAs, LIAs, Intercompany agreements and internal policies and procedures.
Victoria Vlahoyiannis
Victoria Vlahoyiannis
Legal Counsel at Zyte
Victoria is a Legal Counsel at Zyte and a CIPP/E certified privacy professional. Victoria works closely with the sales team and engineers to review the legal implications for data extraction projects such as accepting terms and conditions or data protection law compliance. Victoria also works with the applicable teams to evaluate compliance and risk assessment when implementing internal policies.
Kabir Fahria
Developer Advocate at Adlede
Kabir has been a part of Adlede for more than 2 years. Kabir is part of the development team that is responsible for developing and maintaining Adlede processes such as: categorizing contextual data and matching advertisements for media contents, overall NLP processes/algorithms, integrations with Demand Side Platform and Supply Side platforms in the advertisement industry, and building a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS and Digital Ocean.
Kevin Lloyd Bernal
Team Lead at Zyte
Kevin is currently a Technical Team Lead at Zyte, leading teams on multiple projects, designing large-scale crawls and ingestion systems. He is obsessed with understanding what lies beyond the data
Kevin is taking a Masters degree in CS specializing in ML and mechanical keyboard that goes clickety clack.
Abhijith HK
Founder & CEO at Codewave
Abhijith is a technology director helping businesses thrive in an age of design, tech, and agile hyperness.
He's helped 100+ enterprises architect & run 'speed at scale’ technological solutions for 10 years now.
In 2013, Abhijith, along with his partner Vidhya, launched 'Codewave' — a design-led digital transformation company that also designed its own culture and together, they've built 300+ digital solutions and helped 100s of businesses with varying levels of digital integration— aspiring, advancing, plateaued.
Abhijith is a science nerd, loves playing guitar and PS3, and helps businesses cut through the noise & get to the signal.
Nikita Vostretsov
Data Scientist at Zyte
Nikita is a member of Data Science team at Zyte. His contributions focus on training machine learning models powering the Zyte Automatic Extraction API. He works closely with the support team and monitors model performance to ensure the quality of web data extraction.
Kate O'Brien
Legal Counsel at Zyte
Kate is Legal Counsel at Zyte and has extensive experience in the wide range of legal issues affecting web data extraction. At Zyte, she focuses on ensuring compliance on all data extraction projects, creating best practices based on current law and case law affecting web data extraction and educating colleagues on best practices.
Nina Fletcher
Nina Fletcher
General Counsel at YipitData
Nina Fletcher is the General Counsel of YipitData, an alternative data provider based in New York City. YipitData is the on-demand, 100+ person data team for hundreds of the largest hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, private equity funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and venture capital funds in the world. YipitData identifies, screens, licenses, cleans, and analyzes alternative data to help investors answer their key questions.
Prior to joining YipitData, Nina served as Senior Counsel and Chief Governance Officer at Bridgewater Associates, LP, a global macro hedge fund based in Connecticut, and in the New York offices of Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP and Covington & Burling, LLP, focusing on mergers & acquisitions, securities law, intellectual property and private equity.
Nina graduated from Yale University with a B.A., Columbia University School of Law with a J.D. and the London School of Economics & Political Science with an LL.M.
Linus Nilsson
Founder of NilssonHedge
Linus Nilsson founded NilssonHedge, a public hedge fund database, as an initiative to bring transparency to the hedge fund universe. The database combines an innovative way of aggregating public performance data with free access to hedge fund returns. Mr. Nilsson is an experienced allocator who has spent close to twenty years investing in Hedge Funds (both privately and for institutions) or operating systematic strategies, as a startup but also as the CIO of a smaller European CTA.
Evgeny Slaikowvsky
Principal Reverse Engineer at Zyte
Evgeny is a principal reverse engineer at Zyte. For the past 2 years, he has been deeply involved in overcoming anti-ban issues. He enables the engineers at Zyte to scrape data from protected websites.
Paweł Miech
Technical Team Lead at Zyte
Paweł is a Technical Team Lead in Delivery Department at Zyte. He has several years of experience developing advanced crawling solutions using Scrapy framework. He loves contributing to open source. Paweł is one of the authors of ScrapyRT framework and has made contributions to Splash.

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