Want to speak at Extract Summit 2021?

Presented by Zyte

We’re bringing together the thought leaders of the web scraping and data extraction industry at Extract Summit 2021 for a virtual event in September 2021.

September 2021

Think you've got what it takes?
Apply to speak at Extract Summit now.

A single platform for all data lovers to come together to educate, inspire, and innovate.

We are obsessed with web data. At Extract Summit, we try to learn from each other the different ways to use web data and the best techniques to extract data from the web.

We love to be inspired. At Extract Summit, we seek to balance real-life stories with distinctive, unconventional, how-I-built-this content.

If you’re ready to learn, disrupt, challenge, and be challenged, we want to hear from you. Think you've got what it takes? Apply to speak at Extract Summit 2021.
speak at data extraction summit

Are you the ideal speaker?

ideal speaker

Think you're up for the challenge?
Ask yourself these questions...

Does my content challenge the status quo or move the industry dial?
Am I offering practical advice on strategy and execution with practical insights for the audience?
Can I suggest best practices to tackle known challenges in web data extraction?
Do I have a controversial perspective on a hot-button issue?
Am I qualified to offer a deep-dive into a difficult problem?

How you can tell your story...

Case study presentation

We love to hear about real-life stories that offer a fresh perspective and helpful, actionable insights on web data.

Panel discussion

If you have a topic you think is worth debating about with web data experts and something our audience can’t miss, pitch it to us!

Deep dive workshop

You would like to teach something or help develop a specific skill related to web data? We think a quick workshop would be the best way to tackle this.

Founder stories

Our audience wants to hear from like-minded individuals who have been through the same: Share your journey of how you expanded your business or scaled-up using web data. Please keep in mind our golden rule: No self/company promotions or pitches.

Why speak at Extract Summit

Establish yourself as a thought-leader in web data extraction

Touch base with industry leaders

Raise your personal or professional profile

Be part of a global community

Timeline 2021 - Speaker submission


Submissions open

The submission forms
are live and it’s your chance to apply. All proposals must be submitted through this
online form. Be as detailed as possible, this will also make it easier for us to select you.

Apr / Jun

Speaker selection

We view and carefully evaluate all proposals. We’ll reach out to you if your application
has been successful and then we can begin shaping your session and presentation.
Jun / Jul


Once we have our summit and speakers in place, we’ll start announcing and promoting on the website and social media.

Getting ready

In case you have a presentation, we ask you to submit your pre-recordings for review and preparation. We want to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the virtual event, so only the Q&A will be live.

Extract Summit

It’s time for you to shine during the event and to deliver insights to our web data extraction community.

Web Data Extraction Summit is organised by web scraping experts, Zyte.
Zyte delivers world class web data extraction products and services.
© Web Data Extraction Summit 2021

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