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Victor Bolu

CEO at Webautomation.io
Talk title:
The future of no-code web scraping
29th Sep
4:15 pm
Who should attend: Web data futurists
What you will learn: How low-code web scraping tools can help your current and future web data extraction
No code or low code web scraping is a new entrant in the web scraping landscape. Victor would like to educate all of us on the current state of the no-code/ low-code market from a macro-environmental anaylsis point of view.

Ever wondered who the key low-code players are? What types of tools are available to extract data with minimal coding? What integrations are available? and why the world is moving towards the low-code tools?

Hear from Victor as he tells us all about the:

  • Advantages of low-code tools
  • The limitations they bring
  • Expectations of a co-code user
  • When and why a no-code web scraping tool is required

Victor will also give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the tech stack for building a successful no-code web scraping tool.

Join this talk to get a deeper insight into the world of no-code/low-code web data extraction.

Speaker Bio

Victor is the CEO and Co-founder of webautomation.io, a marketplace for no-code ready made web scrapers. At webautomation.io Victor leads the product vision, serving over 20k users.
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