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Extraction Summit 2021

Enjoy the talks from the Web Data Extraction Summit 2021

All talks at one glance

Extract Summit 2021: Welcome and update with Shane Evans
Extract Summit 2021: How do we measure quality Konstantin Lopukhin
Extract Summit 2021: Alternative data demand & supply factors: Overall growth drivers
Extract Summit 2021: Scraping financial data - a practitioner's perspective with Linus Nilsson
Extract Summit 2021: Need to scrape 20 websites in 3 hours? with Mikhail Korobov
Extract Summit 2021: Applying design thinking to build effective dashboard for data visualization
Extract Summit 2021: Content centric advertisement without tracking users' personal data
Extract Summit 2021: AMA session
Extract Summit 2021: Building a real estate market monitoring tool with Scrapy andTimescaleDB
Extract Summit 2021: Challenges faced when dealing with 100k websites with Eric Platow
Extract Summit 202:1 Scrape and graph your way to conference glory with Ljubica Lazarevic
Extract Summit 2021: From code to data live coding a small blog scraper with Jônatas Paganini
Extract Summit 2021: All you need to know about headless browsers with Paweł Miech
Extract Summit 2021: Review and evolutuon of anti bots with Evgeny Slaikovsky
Extract Summit 2021: Adaptive learning with PandioML with Joshua Odmark
Extract Summit 2021: When to flip the table SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL with Rain Leander
Extract Summit 2021: Legal hot topics in web data extraction

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This year’s event is focusing on four major topics:

Did you know?

We love to hear about your insights on technical and business-related challenges and practical “how tos”.

Ethical web data extraction

Web scraping best practices and ethical use cases.

Quality, scalability and accessibility

The 3 pillars of web data extraction

The future of web scraping

AI, machine learning, and what does the future hold for data extraction?
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