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Sanaea Daruwalla

Chief Legal Officer at Zyte
Talk title:
Ethics and compliance in web data extraction
29th Sep
1:30 pm
Who should attend: Everyone
What you will learn: How to ensure your web data extraction is legally and ethically compliant
Data comes in all shapes and sizes. But before we start extracting web data, we need to check the status and legality of extracting this data and make sure we are always legally compliant. There are laws that regulate the extraction, ownership, use, and storage of data - like GDPR, CFAA, contract and copyright laws, etc.

However, web data extraction laws are ever-evolving and this means you have to constantly stay up-to-date to make sure you are fully compliant and respectful to the website you’re scraping.

What we need is a guideline to help us decode the regulations and handle web data ethically.

Sanaea’s talk is the convergence of legal and ethical scraping. She will outline:

  • How to legally and ethically extract web data.
  • How the law and ethics around web data extraction align.
  • Get a deeper understanding of web scraping laws that allow you to use web data in the most compliant and respectful manner.

Speaker Bio

Sanaea is the Chief Legal Officer at Zyte. She has over 15 years of experience representing a wide variety of clients, ranging from the Fortune 500 to emerging tech companies and start-ups. Sanaea has held legal, compliance, and operations C-level roles in various tech companies over the last decade
Sanaea is one of the leading experts on web data extraction laws and has spoken about ethical web data extraction and compliance at many conferences in the past.

Sanaea is very passionate about ethical and compliant open access to web data and is excited to share her insights at Extract Summit.
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