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Neil Emeigh

CEO at Rayobyte
Talk title:
How to source proxy IPs for data scraping
29th Sep
3:45 pm
Who should attend: Web data extraction enthusiasts
What you will learn: All things IP proxy and practical insights into proxy management
After this talk, you'll be able to take away the "secrets" of how a company like Rayobyte sources millions of proxy IP addresses from ISPs, ASNs, subnets, and data centers. 

Neil will take us through the background of using proxies for web scraping, why they matter so much for web scraping, why diversity of your web scraping infrastructure across many platforms is essential for reducing bans, how to set up your own ASN, and why ethical sourcing is so important for residential proxies in particular.
Neil will also shed some light on the current events affecting IP sourcing for example, AFRINIC. 

We will walk away with practical insights from a deep-dive into the deceptively difficult problem of getting the best proxies for a variety of scraping use cases.

Speaker Bio

In 2013, Neil Emeigh started his own data scraping enterprise when he found himself frustrated with the low quality of proxies on offer. He figured he could do better, and sure enough, his basement-based one-man proxy operation grew into Blazing SEO (now Rayobyte), the largest US-based proxy provider and a 2022 Proxyway Contender of the Year, recognized for its ethical approach and its high-quality data center proxies.
Neil remains an expert in the field of proxies and scraping and loves sharing his passion for ethical data acquisition and usage in a world where these are too often seen as impossible to reconcile.
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