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Neha Setia Nagpal

Developer Advocate at Zyte
Talk title:
Architecting a scalable web scraping project
29th Sep
12:00 pm
Who should attend: Web scraping developers
What you will learn: The winning formula to building scalable web scraping projects
One of the biggest challenges that web scraping developers face is time.
After all, designing a scalable and efficient web scraping solution for a particular website can be a time-consuming task, depending on the requirements.
While most challenges can be resolved on an ad-hoc basis, without a framework, data extraction projects can quickly turn overwhelming, with endless bans and proxy management.

But what if there was a winning formula for building scalable web scraping projects?

In this talk, Neha shares her expertise on how to put together a framework for your web scraping projects. You’ll also learn:

  • How to plan and prepare for the most common challenges before starting a web scraping project
  • How to maximize the chances of success of your data extraction project.

Speaker Bio

Neha Setia Nagpal is a Developer Advocate at Zyte, where she conducts workshops and enablement sessions for system integrators and clients at events and conferences. She also spends time identifying AI and ML use-cases for various industry domains by talking to system integrators, clients, and partners.

Prior to Zyte, Neha’s experience included designing and developing publications in the areas of natural language processing using machine learning and neural networks. She has also developed applications and solved use cases in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision, text summarization, and more.
Neha is passionate about the data community and is always looking for creative ways to solve problems related to data and building. You’ll often find her nerding over topics such as self-actualization, systems thinking, and the extended mind. She loves to read, write, share, and weave stories to explain tech concepts in fun, relatable ways.

Aside from being a proud Zytan, Neha is a full-time mother to a beautiful boy—Cyan. She loves pictures and poetry. David Whyte is her all-time favourite.

Want to know how baking cakes and machine learning is similar? Connect with Neha.

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