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Isaac Coleman

VP of Marketing, Rayobyte
Talk title:
Innovate or Die: The State of The Proxy Industry In 2023

"Datacenter proxies are a backbone of the scraping industry, used by thousands of casual and enterprise scrapers worldwide for over a decade. But since the beginning of 2022, Datacenter proxy usage has decreased by 20%. Anti-scraping measures adopted by behemoths like Google as well as the phasing out of IPv4 addresses by countries like China have disrupted the proxy industry and the scrapers who rely on it. The only options now are to innovate or die.

In this talk, He will discuss
• How hundreds of thousands of the IP addresses needed for scraping are becoming obsolete, what proxy companies are doing about it, and what it means for the business of web data extraction.

• Emerging technologies like proxy managers, ISP addresses, the possibility for brand new types of Datacenter proxies like rotating DC, and of course, how these complement the current residential proxy standards preferred by many data extraction hobbyists and professionals."

Speaker Bio

Isaac Coleman is the VP of Marketing at Rayobyte (formerly Blazing SEO). Isaac started working as a technology writer in 2016, covering a diverse range of consumer tech industries from videogames to drones to high-tech exercise equipment. Isaac is an expert in the field of proxies and scraping and loves sharing his passion for ethical data acquisition and usage in a world where these are too often seen as impossible to reconcile. When not writing, he lives with his fiancee and his cat in Lincoln, Nebraska and collects old movies.

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