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Fabien Vauchelles

Anti-Ban Expert, Wiremind
Talk title:
Anatomy of an Anti-Bot Protection

Fabien, the Anti-Ban Expert at Wiremind, will break down the Anatomy of Anti-Bot Protection. He will elucidate how anti-bot mechanisms work and explore the strategies used by anti-bot systems at different layers. His talk will also cover some techniques to avoid being detected by these protections.

You will learn:

· The working principles of an anti-bot reputation score across different layers: TCP Fingerprint, TLS Fingerprint, HTTP/2 Fingerprint, and Browser Fingerprint

· An understanding of the encryption mechanism used in tracking tools

· Strategies to evade detection

Speaker Bio

Fabien is the Anti-Ban Expert at Wiremind, a leading revenue management solutions provider for the transportation, supply chain, and event sectors. With over a decade of experience in web scraping, Fabien's passion for code and technology is unmatched. He is the mastermind behind Scrapoxy, a proxies aggregator tool.

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