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Past videos:
Extraction Summit 2020

Enjoy the talks from the Web Data Extraction Summit 2020

Track 1

Extract Summit Introduction & State of the Industry with Shane Evans
AI-Powered Crawling with Ivan de Prado Alonso
Running a Business On Web Scraped Data - Pierluigi Vinciguerra
Utilizing the Scrapy Cloud API for a Seamless Data Pipeline - Johnel Bacani
Cutting edge ways to tackle antibot challenges with Attila Toth, Akshay Philar, Tomas Rinke, & Peng-Yu Chen
Hidden Scrapy Features That You Need To Know with Mikhail Korobov
TellFinder Alliance: Technology and Data to Fight Human Trafficking - Amanda Towler & Chris Dickson
Legal Compliance in the World of Web Scraping with Sanaea Daruwalla, Sarah McKenna, Marc Zwillinger, & Paul Griffin

Track 2

DataOps and The Culture You Need If You Want To Stay Sane with José Manuel Navarro
Overcoming Price Variations On The Day: In Search of Real-time with Alfonso de la Guarda
How intelligence Services Use Open-Source Data and Why Data Fusion is Key to Their Success with Michael McCracken
Trials & Tribulations in Crawling the Darkweb with Gareth Owenson & David Andreas
Web Scraping Tech Stack for 2020 with Ondra Urban - Extract Summit 2020
Web Scraping for Real-Time Surveillance of Food Security Policies During COVID-19 with Nicky Tettamanti
Record Matching & Classification of your Web Data with AI with Wesley Shepherd
Separating Extraction From Crawling Logic With Web-Poet with Victor Torres

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