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Extraction Summit 2019

Enjoy the talks from the Web Data Extraction Summit 2019

Track 1

Welcome and Keynote - Keynote Speaker, Shane Evans
Legal Compliance, GDPR in the World of Web Scraping - Kate O’Brien
The Future of Web Scraping & The Next Generation of Web Scraping - Bryan O’Brien and Shane Evans
TellFinder Alliance: A Counter-Human Trafficking Partner Network, Empowered by Data - Amanda Towler & David Schroh
How Machine Learning can be used in Web Scraping - Mikhail Korobov
Data Democratization - Juan Riaza, Idealista

Track 2

Lessons Learnt Scraping 9 Billion Pages Per Month - Cathal Garvey
Building a Scalable Web Scraping Infrastructure - Attila Toth & Pawel Miech
Web Scraping at Scale - Proxy and Anti-Ban Best Practice - Akshay Philar & Tomas Rinke
Real world stories of Web Data Integration for business decision insight - Andrew Fogg, Chief Data Officer, Import.io
Quality makes for the best business plan - Or Lenchner, CEO, Luminati

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