Live Workshop

Learn Web scraping at scale: Ban Avoidance, browser automation, and AI-powered Extraction

November 29, 2023
Workshop Summary

Join us for an enlightening exploration of the Zyte API - an extensive web-scraping tool boasting a plethora of features, including ban evasion, browser automation, and automatic extraction.

If you're a newcomer to the Zyte API, or an existing user eager to harness its full capabilities, this workshop presents the perfect opportunity to elevate your skills. This session provides an excellent opportunity to get all your queries resolved and offer direct feedback.

Participants will learn about:
  • Initiation and development of a web scraping project using the Zyte API.
  • Employing the full breadth of the Zyte API's core features.
  • Strategies for effective ban evasion and browser automation.
  • Mastering the art of automatic extraction with Zyte API.
  1. Sign up for Zyte API: Make sure to register and gain access to the Zyte API
  2. Prepare Your Equipment: Bring a laptop with Python 3.8 (or higher) installed, along with your preferred IDE or a plain-text editor.

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