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Jimbo Freedman

Senior Data Engineer, Huq Industries
Talk title:
Spidermatch: Harnessing Machine Learning And OpenStreetMap To Validate And Enrich Scraped Location Data

In This Session, Jimbo Freedman Will Take You On A Journey Into The Fascinating World Of Data Scraping. He Will Demonstrate How Advanced Technologies Such As Machine Learning And OpenStreetMap Can Be Effectively Combined To Validate And Enrich Scraped Location Data.

The Presentation Will Spotlight Three Features:

·  Intelligent Data Scraping: Leveraging population data for smart search optimization, their system reduces request volume by over 80%, focusing on high-yield locations instead of global scanning.

·  OpenStreetMap Integration: Utilizing a Siamese Neural Network, their approach matches scraped data with OpenStreetMap, suggesting potential matches when data, like names or addresses, is missing.

·  Enhanced Scraping with ML: Their recent implementation of machine learning techniques, akin to the Automatic Data Extraction API but for locations, shows early signs of success, improving the scraping process.

Speaker Bio

Jimbo is a data engineer with experience across finance, advertising, education and healthcare and now urban planning. He has always been interested in maps and navigation and He is very excited to be working with GIS full-time!
Jimbo spends most of his free time backcountry skiing, hiking or road-tripping - his British-registered vehicle has been across the Golden Gate Bridge.

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