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James Kehoe

Product Manager at Zyte
Talk title:
How the data maturity model can help your business upscale
29th Sep
11:30 am
Who should attend: Data science and business intelligence leaders
What you will learn: How to benchmark your web scraping against industry best practices and decide on the next steps.

Based on Zyte's 12+ years of experience and over 40 industry expert interviews, James and his team compiled a maturity model that allows businesses to identify their current and future data maturity level. All this while helping businesses avoid common pitfalls along the way.

To make the model easy to adopt James broke web data extraction at scale into five discrete stages:

  1. Creating the business case
  2. Deploying resources
  3. Ensuring compliance
  4. Building data feeds
  5. Maintaining data feeds
For each of these stages James will provide insights into best practices, and along the way highlight some of the surprising findings and shared frustrations faced by those extracting web data at scale.

After this talk you'll know where you want to get to, but even better; how to get there!

Speaker Bio

James is a Senior Product Manager responsible for Zyte’s DaaS (Data as a Service) business.

Originally an Engineer, James co-founded a policy software startup that was acquired by a compliance data company. James then led the Product turnaround of the acquirer company, which recently successfully exited. It was during this role that James worked with Zyte and saw the potential of web data at scale, and the impressive Zyte team.

James works closely with customers at all levels of experience in acquiring web data. It was this collaboration with customers that led to the creation of a Web Data Maturity Model being presented at this Extract Summit.

James is a passionate educator, teaching engineering by night for over a decade, and takes great pleasure in sharing actionable insights that make a difference in people’s lives.

An avid business book reader, James would love to hear recommendations of books that really helped in your business. His recommendation is How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business, read it!

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