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Hannes Datta

Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University
Talk title:
Challenges in extracting web data for academic research
29th Sep
2:30 pm
Who should attend: Data extraction nerds
What you will learn: The trade-offs and challenges of matching data extraction scale to quality.
This talk is for all of us data geeks! It offers an academic perspective on the pillars of web data extraction.

Researchers in marketing alone rely on web data in 20% of their studies (others are more traditional datasets, such as those purchased from data and analytics companies like Nielsen or IRI).

In this presentation Professor Datta reflects upon what scalability and accessibility mean to the large community of academic researchers and how trade-offs in scalability and accessibility directly affect data quality.
For academic researchers data quality is a primary concern and this talk highlights the qualitative challenges researchers face when extracting web data.

For industry attendees this may help to find ways to recognize and solve these data quality challenges. 

Professor Datta's work on web data - coauthored with scholars from Rotterdam School of Management, INSEAD, and the University of Oxford - is expected to generate a lot of attention in the academic community.

Speaker Bio

As an Associate Professor of Marketing at one of the world’s leading academic departments, Hannes Datta conducts research in digital media consumption (e.g., music and movie streaming services, digital TV), branding, and retailing.

Hannes is a recognized expert in the large-scale extraction and use of web data for academic research.
Recently, Hannes published a framework and how-to guide on using and extracting web data, which is forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing, the premier outlet for substantive research in marketing.
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