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Alexander Lebedev

Software Engineer at Hotjar
Talk title:
Data mining from a bomb shelter in Ukraine
29th Sep
3:15 pm
Who should attend: Everyone!
What you will learn: How web data extraction helped Alexander to find the best time to work, sleep, and live during the war in Ukraine.
Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Alex and his family spent a lot of their time in bomb shelters. Being a software engineer at heart, Alex decided to try to find a solution using data to make their life easier.

In this unique talk, Alex will take you through his experience of using data extracted from public channels to gather information on the various attacks, bombings, and their timings. He then used this data to build a schedule for himself and his family to remain safe.

During the talk, Alex will share his findings and explain how data extraction skills helped him during the ongoing war.

Speaker Bio

Alex is a software engineer from Ukraine who focuses on automation and productivity, with a bit of a paranoid approach to testing. He switched to full-time programming after seven years of management, and can't stop being happy about it.

At Hotjar, he works as a Software Engineer, helping more than 2,000,000 websites to understand their users better.
During his 15 years of working in IT, Alex worked on hundreds of projects, including his own digital marketing agency, government, and cybersecurity projects. He also previously worked in Zyte as a Software Engineer in multiple data extraction and machine learning projects.

Currently, Alex is in Ukraine where he volunteers and fundraises for the Ukrainian army and humanitarian initiatives.

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