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Two days, all things web data extraction

Join us for two action packed days featuring expert talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

october 10th 2024 | Austin, Texas

Main Event

10th October 2O24

Large Language Models (LLM) based Web Data extraction for Dell Marketing

Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan & Krishnaveni Tamirisa | Machine Learning Engineers @ Dell Technologies
10th October 2O24

How To 100x Your Data Extraction: Using Multi-agent Systems for Automation

João (Joe) Moura | CEO & Founder @ CrewAI
10th October 2O24

How to feed Large language models (LLMs) with data from the web

Honza Čurn | CEO @ Apify
10th October 2O24

How We Transformed Zyte's Data Business with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Iain Lennon | CPO @ Zyte
10th October 2O24

The Future of Proxy Technology: Trends, Innovations, and Real-World Applications in Residential, Mobile, and DataCenter Proxies

10th October 2O24

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Web Data Extraction | Legal Panel

Sanaea Daruwalla - Chief Legal & People Officer @Zyte | Hope Skibitsky - Partner @Quinn Emanuel | Stacey Brandenburg - Shareholder @ZwillGen | Don D'Amico, Founder & CEO @Glacier Network and former General Counsel at Neudata
10th October 2O24

Custom attribute extraction and talk about ZYTE R&D Contributions

Konstantin Lopukhin | Head of Data Science @ ZYTE

Exciting Updates Coming Soon! Keep and eye out for more sessions

october 9th 2024 | Austin, Texas

Extract Labs

9th October 2024
9:00 AM

Deep Dive into Zyte AI Spiders

Adrian Chaves | Lead Python Developer @ Zyte
Designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about the mechanics, applications, and adaptation of Zyte AI Spiders. This session is tailored for developers, data scientists, and anyone keen on leveraging the power of advanced web scraping technologies.
9th October 2024
10:45 AM


Konstantin Lopukhin | Head of Data Science @ Zyte
Explore using open-source and commercial models to parse pages and generate spiders with LLMs. Participants will learn and implement two primary approaches, each with unique advantages and challenges.
9th October 2024
2:15 PM

Design Patterns for Robust Crawling

Fernando Tadao Ito | Technical Team Lead @ Zyte
Deep dive into data access patterns - choosing between CSS selectors and API calls, navigating pagination and sitemaps, and determining the rendering of JavaScript-powered pages. Hands-on spider development using various tools, including browser automation, network capture, and session management.
9th October 2024
4:00 PM

Scrape Through It: Live Interactive Problem-Solving Session

Adrian CHAVES | Neha Setia Nagpal | Fernando TADAO ITO | Konstantin LOPUKHIN
Addressing your specific scraping challenges, acquiring advanced techniques, or enhancing your web scraping problem-solving skills. Bring your web scraping challenges and collaborate with Zyte experts in real time.

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