Web Data Extraction Summit 2021

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September 30, 2021

What is Extract Summit?

The Web Data Extraction Summit is a one-day event, jam-packed with talks and workshops where we will discuss everything from the latest trends in data extraction to web scraping best practices, and how web data can turbocharge your business.

We gather the preeminent thought leaders in data extraction and web scraping to share their insights on how we can leverage the internet, the world’s largest dataset, to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.
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Learn practical skills

Get practical and fundamental tips on web scraping, data extraction, and proxy management from experts who do this every day.

Expert speakers

Extract Summit brings together the smartest minds in data extraction to discuss the future of data extraction and the latest industry best practices.

Get real insights

Get customer case studies and behind the scenes insights into how companies are leveraging web data to gain a competitive edge.

Featured speakers

Theresia Tanzil

Solutions Architecture Team Lead at Zyte

Mikhail Korobov

Head of Development at Zyte

Suzanne Hasset

COO & Head of Delivery at Zyte

Konstantin Lopukhin

Head of Data Science at Zyte

Kate O'Brien

Legal Counsel at Zyte

Paweł Miech

Team Lead at Zyte

Kevin Lloyd Bernal

Technical Team Lead at Zyte

Evgeny Slaikowvsky

Principal Reverse Engineer at Zyte

Nikita Vostretsov

Data Scientist at Zyte

Sergey Zuev

Software Developer at Zyte

Web Data Extraction Summit is organised by web scraping experts, Zyte.
Zyte delivers world class web data extraction products and services.
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