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Web Data Extraction

Summit 2022
An event for all data lovers to come together
to educate, inspire, and innovate.

When: September 29th, 2022
Where: County Hall, South Bank, London

Come join us at Extract Summit and be inspired to take your 
web data extraction to the next level!

13 talks

Real stories with real experiences and real insights.
Get ready to educate and inspire yourselves.

14 speakers

Hear from industry experts as they share their
knowledge on extracting web data and using it in innovating ways.

200+ attendees

We’re back in-person this year bringing to you
tons of opportunities to interact and network with other web data experts.

Who should

Extract Summit is for anyone who wants to learn about ​​the latest trends in data extraction, web scraping best practices, and how web data can turbocharge your business.

Hundreds of Engineers, Data Scientists, and CXOs will gather in London to discuss all things web data. If you’re excited by the opportunities created by web data, this is the place to be!
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What to expect?

This year’s event is focusing on four major topics:
Scaling your
web scraping
Learn practical how-to’s with technical talks that help you overcome challenges around quality, scalability, and accessibility.
Ethical web
data extraction
Learn how to scrape web data respectfully. Hear all about the web scraping best practices and ethical use cases.
in web scraping
Web scraping is the tool that gives companies the competitive edge. Discover the innovative ways in which businesses use web scraped data.
The future of the web data industry
AI, machine learning, and what does the future hold for data extraction?

Featured talks

9.00 am
Shane Evans - CEO of Zyte
State of the Web Data Industry in 2022
9.30 am
Peter Bray - CEO of Versionista
Practical Machine Learning to Accelerate Data Intelligence
13.00 am
Glen De Cauwsemaecker - Lead Crawler Engineer
at OTA Insight
How to ensure high quality data while scaling from 100 to 100M requests/day
11.15 am
Iain Lennon - Chief Product Officer at Zyte
Akshay Philar - Head of Development at Zyte
Sneak peek at the new innovations at Zyte
15.15 pm
Alexander Lebedev - Software Enginner at Hotjar
Data mining from a bomb shelter in Ukraine
15.45 pm
Neil Emeigh
How to source proxy IPs for data scraping

2022 Speakers

Shane Evans

CEO of Zyte

Alexander Lebedev

Software Engineer at Hotjar

Neil Emeigh

CEO of Rayobyte

Akshay Philar

Head of Development at Zyte
Sanaea Daruwalla
Chief Legal Officer
at Zyte
Glen De
Lead Crawler Engineer
at OTA Insight
Guillaume Pitel
CTO at Babbar
Pavan Attili
Senior Architect at H1
Victor Bolu
CEO at
Hannes Data
Professor of Marketing
at Tilburg University
Peter Bray
CEO at Versionista
Neha Setia Nagpal
Developer Advocate
at Zyte
Iain Lennon
Chief Product Officer
at Zyte

Extract Summit 2022 is coming to London!

This year, Extract Summit will be hosted in London's iconic County Hall, situated on London's Southbank with breathtaking views over The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye.
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