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Web Data Extract

Summit 2023
An event for all data lovers to come together to educate, inspire, and innovate.

When: 2023
Where: Dublin, Ireland
Extract Summit 2023 highlights
13 talks
Real stories with real experiences and real insights. Get ready to educate and inspire yourselves
14 Speakers
Hear from industry experts as they share their knowledge on extracting web data and using it in innovative ways.
500+ attendees
One web scraping event to rule them all. The brightest minds in the industry gathered for a two-day event covering all things web data extraction.

2023 featured talks

Shane Evans | Zyte
Welcome and Keynote: Why I replaced my most popular product
Isaac Coleman | VP of Marketing at Rayobyte 
Innovate or Die: The State of The Proxy Industry In 2023 

Konstantin Lopukhin |  Head of Data Science, Zyte
Can ChatGPT solve Web Data Extraction?
Iain Lennon | Zyte
Enterprise-grade Scraping with AI
Nesin Veli |  Product Manager, Identrics
Detect, Analyze & Respond. Harnessing Data To Combat Propaganda And Disinformation
Fabien Vauchelles |Anti-Ban Expert 
Anatomy of Anti-Bot Protection
Alex Lokhov | Head of Research, Hatched Analytics 
Soaring Highs And Deep Dives Of Web Data Extraction In Finance
Eric Platow | Senior Director of Data Science, LexisNexis 
Taming the World Wide Web
Jimbo Freedman | Senior Data Engineer
Spidermatch: Harnessing Machine Learning And OpenStreetMap To Validate And Enrich Scraped Location Data
Sanaea Daruwalla | Chief Legal Office, Zyte
A Step-by-Step Guide to Assessing Your Web Scraping Compliance
Andrew Harris |  Senior Manager, Software Engineering, ZoomInfo
Dynamic Crawling Of Heavily Trafficked Complex Web Spaces At Scale
The Future of Data: Web-scraped Data Marketplaces and the surge of demand from the AI revolution
Neha Setia Nagpal | Developer Advocate, Zyte
Using web data to visualise and analyse EPC ratings

2023 Speakers

Shane Evans

Zyte CEO

Sanaea Daruwalla

Head of Legal at Zyte

Konstantin Lopukhin

Head of Data Science at Zyte

Iain Lennon

Chief Product Officer at Zyte
Fabien Vauchelles
Anti-Ban Expert
Nesin Veli
Product Manager, Identrics
Eric Platow
Senior Director of 
Data Science, LexisNexis
Alex Lokhov
Head of Research, 
Hatched Analytics
Andrew Harris
 Software Engineering, 

Isaac Coleman
VP of Marketing at Rayobyte
Neha Setia Nagpal
Developer Advocate, Zyte
Jimbo Freedman
Senior Data Engineer,
Huq Industries

Who should attend extract summit 2024?

Extract Summit is for anyone who wants to learn about ​​the latest trends in data extraction, web scraping best practices, and how web data can turbocharge your business.

Hundreds of Engineers, Data Scientists, and CXOs will gather in London to discuss all things web data. If you’re excited by the opportunities created by web data, this is the place to be!