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Paweł Miech

Software Engineer, Zyte
Talk title:
Creating Scrapy Spiders with AI

In this talk, we explore how Zyte AI can help automate Scrapy code generation for web scraping. Web scraping is crucial for data extraction, but manual coding is time-consuming and error-prone. AI-powered solutions leverage ML to analyze websites and create tailored Scrapy spiders, saving time and effort. We showcase real-world examples where AI-generated Scrapy code creates an efficient data extraction solution. Join us to glimpse the future of web scraping with AI.

By attending Pawel’s talk on "Creating Scrapy Spiders with AI," you will gain:

· Insights into the latest advancements in web scraping technology, combining AI and Scrapy for improved efficiency.

· Understanding of how AI can significantly reduce the manual effort required in writing Scrapy Spiders.

· Real-world examples demonstrating the practical applications of AI-generated Scrapy code for data extraction from diverse websites.

Speaker Bio

Paweł Miech is a Software Engineer with extensive experience in web scraping and data extraction. He has been a key member of the Zyte team for several years, specializing in creating and maintaining Python Scrapy spiders for extracting data from various sources. In recent years Paweł works on creating Zyte Developer Tools such as Zyte Integrated Development Environment
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