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Andrea Squatrito

CEO Data Boutique
Talk title:
The Future of Data: Web-scraped Data Marketplaces and the surge of demand from the AI revolution

Join Andrea Squatrito as we explore real-world success stories, including significant advancements in data accessibility, tapping into the AI-led data demand surge, and thought-provoking insights into the future of web-scraped data. Explore the challenges of ensuring data quality standards and our proof-of-quality process. Delve into the impact of AI on web scraped data demand and the need for faster, safer and more reliable data supply. Finally, contemplate the future of web-scraped data as we discuss the need for central, independent marketplaces to set quality, legitimacy, transparency, and pricing standards, expanding user confidence and market potential.

Speaker Bio

Andrea Squatrito, CEO and co-founder at databoutique.com, is on a mission to bring web data to the masses. Former Accenture and EY senior poco manager with 10+ years of selling web data to hedge funds and corporations in the US, EU and APAC, 2X founder, CEO, and co-founder of DataBoutique.com, a marketplace for web-scraped data. I have been working in web data for 10+ years, and together with Pierluigi (The Web Scraping Club, speaker at the Extract Summit 2020) we had the chance to analyze the inefficiencies in the business of collecting and selling data, and want to share our view on how a marketplace can build mutual self-interest to all actors involved.
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