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Web Data Extraction
Summit 2022
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29th September

9.00 am
State of the Industry in 2022
Shane Evans • Company and job title
9.30 am
Practical Machine Learning to Accelerate Data Intelligence
Peter Bray • CEO at Versionista
10.30 am
How to ensure high quality data while scaling from 100 to 100M requests/day
Glen De Cauwsemaecker • Lead Crawler Engineer at OTA Insight
11.00 am
15 min break
11.15 am
Sneak peek at the new innovations at Zyte
Iain Lennon • Chief Product Office at Zyte
Akshay Philar • Head of Development - Smart Browser at Zyte
12.00 pm
Challenges faced when dealing with 200k websites
Eric Platow • Senior Director - Data Science at Lexis Nexis
12.30 pm
Architecting a scalable web scraping project
Neha Setia Nagpal • Developer Advocate at Zyte
1.00 pm
45 min lunch break
1.45 pm
Ethical web scraping
Sanaea Daruwalla • Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Zyte
2.15 pm
Data collection in the health care industry
Pavan Attili • Senior Architect at H1 Insights

2.45 pm
Challenges in extracting web data for academic research
Hannes Data • Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University
3.15 pm
15 min break
3.30 pm
Data mining from a bomb shelter in Ukraine
Alexander Lebedev • Software Engineer at Hotjar

4.00 pm
How to source proxy IPs for data scraping
Neil Emeigh • CEO at Rayobyte
4.30 pm
The Future of No code web scraping
Victor Bolu • CEO at Webautomation.io
5.00 pm
Crawling like a Search Engine
Guillaume Pitel • CTO at Babbar
5.30 pm
Extract Summit 2022 aims to bring together hundreds of web data enthusiasts to witness the power of web data and explore
the technologies to access web data easily and quickly.
13 talks
Real stories with real experiences and real insights. Get ready to educate and inspire yourselves.
14 speakers
Hear from industry experts as they share their knowledge on extracting web data and using it in innovating ways
200+ attendees
We’re back in-person this year bringing to you tons of opportunities to interact and network with other web data experts.
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